I have a soul to share,
I know it’s around somewhere,
Always I’m feeling I’m all alone,
I’m calling Sweet Jesus, “Won’t you bring me on home?”

I have no time to spare,
Feel like I am almost there.

Transform me once again,
Lift me up from all this sin,
Hollow’s the feeling I only feel,
So empty of a feeling that it doesn’t seem real.

I have no time to waste,
Wipe this blank look off my face.

The time has come, it’s time to go,
The damage has been done, it’s time to go solo,
I’m going solo, you know that it’s true,
Nothing you say is going to change what I do,
Gotta make a clean break, gotta lighten my load,
Gotta the hell out and get on that road!

repeat chorus

One more day in the books,
One more day avoiding looks,
When did we share our last loving glance?
How long has it been since I took off your pants?

I have no urge, it’s true,
And there’s not a thing to do.

If feel the mental strain,
Every move’s against the grain,
Nothing to see, we’ll just move a long,
There’s nothing left here but the words to this song,
Two hearts with different Gods,
Two peas in our separate pods.